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Cool or Fool?

by the rouleur on November 26, 2010

I’d been riding around on a broken hood on my right brake/shifter for about two weeks before I mustered up the motivation to do anything about it. Checking out how much it was going to replace by Campagnolo hoods locally, the decision to buy online was an easy one.

Then a funny thing happened.

We’ve seen PROs rolling around with every bit of their kit and equipment meticulously colour co-ordinated for a while now. Most notably, the KOM at the TDF has become obsessed with who can colour co-ordinate their kit, bike and every conceivable item with polka dots, increasingly it seems as though climbing ability is becoming a distinct secondary consideration.

Now I have a white bike and the lure of colour co-ordinating my previously black brake hoods with my frame was staring me in the face and was only a quick click of the mouse button way. I was weak. I succumbed to the urge, to look PRO. I already ride full Campagnolo Super Record, which I’m told is most often found on fat middle aged guys bikes who spend more time in the Cafe sipping Latte’s than actually on the road; so this was clearly a very risky move.

Here another picture from the scene of the crime, decide for yourself is it cool or fool?

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  • flatclimb


    If you were 40 lbs overweight and slow…Fool.

  • the rouleur

    With the Campy Super Record it looks more a kin to a fat old blokes bike. Ha!

  • scott

    the only appropriate color for hoods is black.
    Having that much color that far out on your bike throws the whole unit out of balance.

  • the rouleur

    Starting to question the decision myself!

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